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The Boston Globe has a lovely piece by Jeneé Osterheldt in which she writes about her dad:

"For 40 years, he’s worked in grocery stores. He keeps track of the inventory. He throws the freight. He stocks the shelves.

"He has but one day off a week. And because he works the graveyard shift, his days are for sleeping. He rarely takes vacation.

"He’s been held up at gunpoint during a robbery. He’s worked through aches and pains that come with age. He’s seen Amazon cut into the local grocery store business and force a lot of folks out of jobs.

"But for my dad in northern Virginia, like us in Massachusetts and the rest of the world, coronavirus is uncharted territory."

Osterheldt writes that her dad has seen both an upside and a downside in the current situation.

“People never treated me nice,” my dad says of customers. “Are you kidding? No Neé, not in all my life. Now everybody is saying ‘thank you,’ but you know, I can’t find a face mask anywhere.”

You can read the story here.