business news in context, analysis with attitude

by Kevin Coupe

I want you to look at this Facebook posting, which features a video clip of an assistant store manager at a Milford, New Hampshire, Market Basket - the store's website identifies him as K. Pusey - in the parking lot explaining the new rules of shopping to lined up customers.

I love his plain-speaking approach … and never more so than when,  about halfway through the clip, he explains to the customers that it is completely inappropriate to scream at 16-year-old employees because the store is out of Lysol.  (This incident clearly set him off, and he expresses himself in no uncertain terms.)  He explains that the teenagers working in the store "are a godsend.  If I don't have those kids to ring a register, I don't open the store."  He points out that these kids are working a great personal risk, while their friends are at home watching Netflix … and he says, "Leave the kids alone.  I need them.  You need them."

I've never met this fellow, but he is my new hero.

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