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One MNB reader wrote:

It just came to me, I'm sure awhile back before our virus debacle,  but even more so now.

You're a cook. I'm a learning cook.

I had two excellent cedar plank salmon pieces in hickory and maple marinade.  Side dish of asparagus.  Both done in the oven. Side salad my wife made.

All for about $20 for two. Nice wine of my choice.  My choice of music. All from Safeway. 

You've asked what the future will look like? This I wouldn't trade to go to a restaurant for $100-120. Their choice of music.  Those surrounding me enjoying, too (but I don't know them).

Now I'm not complaining about eating out at all. I love it.

But..some things will change in the future. I might need to be just as enticed to go out as going to a particular grocery store to shop.

Thanks to the folks who liked my Easter message on Friday.

One MNB reader wrote:

That was one of the most powerful Easter messages I have heard. Thank you Kevin , for the inspiring and personal message. You have more faith than most! I believe as you do that organized religion has it’s place but true and deep  faith lives within. 

You may have overstated my feelings about organized religion.  But thanks.

From MNB reader David Thorpe:

I have been with Albertsons for 45 years and I found your site about three years ago and enjoy reading the thoughts and articles that you print.  It seems even more so in the last three or four week that my interest has risen.  And now today … WOW.  I enjoyed your thoughts about your father and how he would look at our current state. 

Keep up the wonderful work.

And finally … thanks to all the folks who enjoyed our "The Dogs of MNB" feature last Friday.  For those who missed it because it was a holiday weekend, here it is again: