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by Kevin Coupe

The food supply chain - from a likely meat shortage in the US to a potato surplus in Belgium - clearly is in a bit of turmoil.

Now, from the Washington Post, comes Eye-Opening news of another disruption … the story concerns Dohn & Dohn Gardens in Louisville, Kentucky, which "has supplied the mint used by Churchill Downs — two tons of it annually — for the mint juleps served at the Kentucky Derby since 1980."

The problem:  The farm has all the mint, but there's no Kentucky Derby.  The annual horse race has been postponed because of the pandemic from early May to early September.  (They hope.)

The Post writes, "Mint takes up about 2.5 acres of Dohn’s 10-acre farm, which also grows kale and collard greens. The plants that were supposed to be harvested for Churchill Downs this year instead will be mowed off and regrown with the triple hope that the race will be run in September, that spectators will be allowed to attend and that they’ll still have an appetite for the cocktail consisting of mint, bourbon and simple syrup."

But if not … well, I'd suggest that Mrs. Content Guy's favorite ice cream is Mint Chocolate Chip (preferably Graeter's), and so maybe there is an alternative use for all that mint.

We're willing to do our part.