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The Los Angeles Times this morning that Johnson & Johnson has bowed to what seemed inevitable - it no longer will sell talc-based baby powder in the US and Canada.  It is, the story notes, a reaction to the fact that "thousands of suits (alleged) asbestos contamination led to a decline in sales."

The Times notes that "J&J has faced lawsuits since 2014 accusing it of hiding cancer risks tied to its talc-based version of baby powder. Juries across the U.S. have hit the company with billions of dollars in actual and punishment damages over its handling of the product. J&J has gotten many of those verdicts reduced or wiped out on appeal."

J&J's cornstarch-based baby powder accounts for three-quarters of its baby powder sales in the US and Canada, and will continue to be sold.

KC's View:

The interesting thing is that J&J's talc-based powder is three-quarters of its powder sales outside the US …and so it will continue marketing it there.  Which is as clear a statement as can be that it views this decision as purely a marketing move, with no concession to any of the verdicts.

Maybe that is what you have to do to protect yourself legally.  But it just feels weird.