retail news in context, analysis with attitude

From MNB reader Terry Marshall:

100% agree with your assessment on the Costco store manager and the customer that refused a mask.  None of us want to wear a mask, but if it will help us get through this extraordinary time and to some semblance of normalcy, we all should be willing to do our part.  That little loss of “freedom” is well worth the potential restrictions that could come down on all of us again as this country re-opens. 

Regarding Mariano's stores in Chicago, in the news at the moment because founder Bob Mariano plans to launch a new chain, one MNB reader wrote:

Mariano's used to be fantastic a great shopping experience on any day of the week.  Now has become an upscale jewel and lacking in any excitement or charisma.

That seems to be the consensus.

Responding to yesterday's Innovation Conversation about the new e-grocery service being planned by the founder of e-commerce debacle Webvan, one MNB reader wrote:

I lost about $2,000 when I invested in Webvan the first time around.  The value of their stock at the end- 0.0, which is the same as Blutarsky’s grade point average.  Fool me once….

That may well end up being the consensus …