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•  The Puget Sound Business Journal reports that "about 55% of Seattle-area startups have less than six months of runway before they have to shut down amid the Covid-19 crisis, a new survey from the Washington Technology Industry Association found. Twenty-three percent have less than two months of capitalization.

"The good news is that 45% of startups have at least six months of capitalization and are confident they can weather the economic crisis, the WTIA said. The WTIA conducted its survey between May 1 and May 7 with more than 140 Seattle-area startups … Startups make up a sizable chunk of Seattle’s economy. There are nearly 8,000 tech firms with at least two employees in the Seattle area, the WTIA said. Those companies employ more than 180,000 people."

It would be tragic if the pandemic claimed among its victims some of the innovative companies that move the world forward, that see possibilities and then turn them into realities.