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As mentioned in FaceTime above, I got a lot of email yesterday about my bike accident … and again, I thank you all for your good wishes.

I was amazed how many of you recommended that one of the first things I need to do is go out and get a new helmet, that helmets really are only designed to survive one crash.  I didn't know that, and I promise to get a new one … though there's no hurry, because a) I need to get my bike fixed first, and b) it may be awhile before I feel up to sitting on a bike again.

Several of you asked what the truck driver said after the accident.  He wasn't great - he basically said, "Get up.  You only hit the back of my truck."  Like somehow it was my fault.  (That wasn't really an issue.  A very nice woman saw the whole thing and told the police that it was completely the truck's fault.)

Ironically, I realized that in another piece last week I bemoaned the fact that there are no bike paths anywhere near where I live - all the biking is done on public roads.

Which strikes me as yet another reason to move to Portland, Oregon.

(But then again, almost everything strikes me as a reason to move there…)

On another subject, from MNB reader George Denman:

I had no idea that over 10,000 grocery workers had been infected by COVID 19 and that 85 had actually died. I listen to Seam Hannity most evenings and he often mentions how the grocery industry has managed through this crisis and seem to never get infected. Well he is wrong about the latter part. I remember you mentioning how challenging it was going to e for Kroger to pull the “hazard pay”. The $400 bonus being offered for full-time hourly employees nets out to just 5 weeks’ pay when converted to $2.00/hr. I agree that until the  face masks come off, pay the hazard pay.

Great line from an MNB reader about Albertsons selling a minority percentage of the company to Apollo:

Only thing worse than one PE investor is two PE investors!  The slow death begins!