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It is two years ago this week since the passing of Anthony Bourdain, the influential chef and documentarian who was able to put culture, politics and even geography into context through the exploration of food.

Delish observes the moment by sharing a YouTube clip from Bourdain's "Parts Unknown" TV series, in which he goes to a Waffle House for the first time and finds it to be a "magical, spiritual place …  an irony-free zone where everything is beautiful and nothing hurts. Where everybody, regardless of race, creed, color, or degree of inebriation is welcomed. Its warm yellow glow, a beacon of hope and salvation, inviting the hungry, the lost, the seriously hammered, all across the south, to come inside. A place of safety and nourishment. It never closes, it is always, always faithful, always there for you."

It is a lovely clip, in its own way sad because Bourdain's voice is silent at a time when we could use it, and yet somehow hopeful in its ability to see beauty and even inclusiveness.  And, it is wistful … remember the days when we would crowd around tables or into booths, without fear of infection?  It seems so long ago…