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Responding to yesterday's FaceTime piece about Tito's Tacos, MNB reader Wayne Redfearn wrote:

Your reference to Tito’s Taco’s made me salivate. I discovered Tito’s as a late night snack during my college days at UCLA in the late 60’s. They are simply the In-n-Out version of tacos… deep fried (in lard for extra flavor), crisp corn tortilla, cold cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce topped with mild red salsa make for the world’s best tasting taco. I drive 49 miles (each way)  with my 2 sons to indulge in a culinary masterpiece. They taste exactly the same as I remember in my youth and always bring me back to time when life was not nearly so complicated…

Regarding Starbucks' changing its mind about employees wearing Black Lives Matter t-shirts at work, one MNB reader wrote:

You sure called it!!

I personally do not associate BLM with an “equality” movement, rather an organization with a political agenda that goes far beyond equality. I can’t be the only one…I wish companies would support the message of racial justice/equality without the politically charged baggage.

One can be environment and planet friendly without supporting Greenpeace for example.

From another reader:

Your initial stand is the right one – businesses should stay out of partisan politics. Can you picture to employees showing up for work, MAGA, BLM, Planned Parenthood and Pro-life hats/T-shirts?

Not sure that was my initial stand … but I take your point.


Yesterday we posted the following email:

It sure was a lucky break for Black Lives Matter that the victim of this egregious filmed exhibit of police-brutality was Black when you realize that nearly twice as many Whites than Blacks are killed by cops.  They seized ownership of the entire issue and are running crazy with it, just like Jews have declared a monopoly on genocide.

I responded:

This email strikes me as the height of cynicism on so many levels.

You really think that this was a "lucky break" for Black Lives Matter and the people it represents?

You really think Jews have declared a monopoly on genocide, and that they are "running crazy" with it?

I considered not running this email.  But then I decided, better not to pretend that these kinds of attitudes don't exist.  (That's a double-negative, but it somehow seems appropriate for such a cynical email.)

The email also prompted the following note from MNB reader Jeff Gartner:

Kevin, that “cynical” email you published today … it wasn’t cynical. No, it was racist and anti-Semitic. I don’t know if the author is, but their email sure was.

It’s good to remind everyone how prevalent and pernicious this is, glad you published it.