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Things aren't looking any more promising for Major League Baseball, as the Associated Press reports that "every team in Major League Baseball will shut its spring training camp over concerns about the coronavirus pandemic, a move that came in the wake of the Philadelphia Phillies announcing Friday five players had tested positive for COVID-19 … The facilities will undergo a deep cleaning and disinfecting. No one will be permitted back inside without a negative test for the virus."

That's not all that was in the wake of the Phillies situation.

The AP writes, "Soon after the Phillies became the first known team to be affected by the outbreak, Toronto shuttered its site in Dunedin, Florida, about five miles from Philadelphia’s camp in Clearwater. The Blue Jays said one player showed symptoms consistent with the virus.

"The San Francisco Giants’ facility in Scottsdale, Arizona, was shut after one person who had been to the site and one family member exhibited symptoms Thursday. Texas closed its camp about 30 miles away in Surprise, saying no one had tested positive but that it wanted to expand testing protocols.

"Also, the Houston Astros said a player working out at their spring camp in West Palm Beach, Florida, tested positive several days ago and was recovering."

KC's View:

These infections are being reported before all the players have shown up to camp … one can only imagine what will happen when they are all working out and then playing games.

Michael Sansolo and I did a conversation here last Friday about how the owners and players, who continue to be locked in a bitter dispute over the financial terms for the players' return, ought to be thinking of each other as partners, not adversaries.  But these new reports make the situation seem even worse - that the two sides are locked in a bitter dispute over something that may not take place, and may not be able to be done responsibly.

They are not just doing damage to the game's image, but may be doing so needlessly.