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Sales and marketing agency Acosta is out with a report about "the continuing evolution of consumer behavior and outlook amid the COVID-19 pandemic," concluding that "low prices will be a priority for 45% of shoppers post-pandemic."

Other conclusions from the report:

•  "As the pandemic continues, shoppers are far more cautious than optimistic about the future, with 64% looking ahead with caution and only 24% looking ahead with optimism."

•  "The recession is adding stress for many shoppers, with 37% worse off financially than they were pre-pandemic - including nine percent who are much worse off.  Millennials are the hardest hit generation, with 43% worse off."

•  "Many shoppers have found time for more relaxation (53%) and more sleep (40%) during the pandemic."

•  "Fitness and nutrition have posed more of a challenge, with 37% of shoppers exercising less and 33% eating less healthy than before."

•  "Thirty-two percent of shoppers reported consuming more vitamins and supplements, while 21% are eating more natural, organic or vegetarian foods."

•  "Shoppers reported product availability (53%), social distancing (48%), low prices (45%), customer safety (43%) and availability of promotions/deals (29%) will be their top priorities post-pandemic."

KC's View:

All of these numbers, it seems to me, are in flux … because we have no idea how long the pandemic will last (I'd bet the over, but I'm a cynic) and the degree to which we will slide/plummet into recession, and then how long that might last.