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Netflix said yesterday that during its most recent quarter, between April and June, it gained 10.1 million new subscribers worldwide as people turned to streaming for entertainment during the pandemic.  The US represented 2.9 million of those new customers.

The Washington Post writes that "Netflix now has more than 190 million subscribers worldwide. Its biggest competitor in the U.S., Disney Plus, has fewer than a third of that.

"But the company has to fend off increased competition. Disney Plus has grown faster than many analysts predicted. May saw the start of HBO Max. And this week brought the launch of Peacock’s, NBC Universal’s own service that is available as both a paid and ad-free versions."

Some other Netflix news:

The company said that it is grappling with product shutdowns around the world, which inevitably will slow the pipeline of new product that will be available on the service.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announced that Ted Sarandos, the company's chief content officer, has been promoted to co-CEO.

And, Netflix announced the top 10 original movies that have streamed on its service:  Extraction, Bird Box, Spenser: Confidential, 6 Underground, Murder Mystery, The Irishman, Triple Frontier, The Wrong Missy, The Platform, and The Perfect Date.

KC's View:

What's interesting about this list is how diverse - in terms of content - the movies are.  I've seen four of them … have heard of three more … but three of them weren't even on my radar.

I am conflicted about Spenser: Confidential making the list, though.  I love the novels and the character, but the Netflix version was execrable.