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Apple is out with a followup to its delightful "The Underdogs" long-form commercial - a new episode, entitled "The Whole Working-From-Home Thing."

In just seven or so minutes, the commercial offers a timely, funny - and sometimes darkly humorous - look at all the various challenges of working from home.  Apple products, of course, are at the heart of making it all work, but that's the point - Apple is saying that its products are more than just hardware and software, but uniquely creative solutions to the problems we all are facing.

That is, by the way, something more retailers should do - position their products and services not as products and services, but as their unique and innovative solutions that contribute to the betterment of customers' lives.

You can watch it here:

And if you want to watch the first episode, "The Underdogs," you can watch it here: