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From Marketing Daily:

"Buffalo Wild Wings aims to bring the in-stadium experience to its locations for fans  who would rather be back in the stands cheering for their teams.

"To celebrate the return of sports, the restaurant will debut a 60-second spot from The Martin Agency on ESPN during the Washington/New York game that features beloved beer vendor Clarence Haskett, aka 'Fancy Clancy,' a fixture at Baltimore Orioles games for 45 years. The emotion-laden spot shows empty stadiums and laments all the things sports fans will miss by not attending in person. The happy ending shows how the restaurant aims to compensate with in-store activations.

"B-Dubs will recognize the return of baseball at its sports bar just steps away from the stadium in Washington --  where the game will be played without fans -- by recreating the sights, sounds and atmosphere of a ballpark."

The thing is, this is a very good commercial … except for the fact that when it is over, one realizes that for the same reason that it doesn't make sense for fan to crowd into the ballpark, it doesn't make sense to crowd into a Buffalo Wild Wings.  In fact, they don't really show us the inside of the restaurant, or people distancing, which seems like a bit of a balk.

So for me, it is a swing and a miss.