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Following Walmart's lead, Target said yesterday that its stores will be closed on Thanksgiving this year.

Business Insider writes that "it would do so in order to make holiday shopping as safe and stress-free as possible amid the coronavirus pandemic."

In a prepared statement, CEO Brian Cornell said, "The investments we've made in our business and our incredible team have enabled us to move with flexibility and speed to meet guests' changing needs during this global pandemic.  This year more than ever, a joyful holiday will be inseparable from a safe one, and we're continuing to adjust our plans to deliver ease, value and the joy of the season in a way that only Target can."

According to the story, "Target also announced it would start rolling out holiday deals in October in order to prevent the large crowds that typically mark the end-of-year shopping season. Holiday discounts will be available both online and in stores.  Target also said it would make 20,000 more products eligible for pickup and delivery."

KC's View:

If one of the results of the pandemic is that bricks-and-mortar stores all over America are closed, with their employees home with their families, treasuring that time together, it will be at least one positive that comes out of it.

But here's what I want to see.  Don't just do it in 2020.  Do it in 2021, too.  Show commitment to your employees' well-being that goes beyond the ephemeral.