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From USA Today this morning:

"Walmart employees have a new tool to help shoppers find what they're looking for, whether it's a product or price.

"Employees at more than 5,000 stores nationwide can now use a voice assistant app called 'Ask Sam' to pull up store maps, look up prices, locate products and receive real-time emergency alerts."

The story goes on:  "The 'Ask Sam' feature isn't available on the Walmart app for shoppers, which the retailer recently combined with its Walmart Grocery app to allow consumers to shop for items in multiple departments, much like a trip to one of the company's Supercenter stores. But shoppers can find store maps in the app and scan items for prices."

KC's View:

I would hope that Walmart is working to develop a consumer component for the "Ask Sam" function … it is such great branding, and would really grab people's imaginations.  (Plus, if they get the voice right, it would be an interesting counterpoint to Alexa and Siri.)