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The Washington Business Journal reports that a new 46,000 square foot Whole Foods has opened in Washington, DC, and that it includes a Spike Mendelsohn-operated "PLNT Burger restaurant, a plant-based fast-casual spot that first launched in Silver Spring."

According to the story, the store has a built-in constituency:  "The Whole Foods at 967 Florida Ave. NW in Shaw is part of a mixed-use development, The Wren, that will have 433 apartment units, including 132 units of affordable housing."

The story notes that "during the Covid-19 pandemic alone, Whole Foods has opened four other locations across the country in Austin, Colorado, New York City and Baltimore last month.

KC's View:

The 60,000 square foot New York City store opened within the past week in the new Hudson Yards complex on Manhattan's west side … it is rarefied air, highly upscale … which I supposed could be problematic if we have any sort of extended recession.