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There has been a lot of speculation about what food retailers are going to do with their cold bars, hot bars and salad bars now that the coronavirus pandemic has made such installations somewhat less palatable to the consumer public.

ShopRite of Carteret believe sit has found a solution - Sally the Salad Robot, which it says "offers a contactless and individualized salad bar experience at a time when many people are looking for alternatives to traditional salad bars. Sally uses groundbreaking, advanced robotics and self-service technology to prepare and dispense made-to-order salads and healthy meals."

Sally actually has been around for several years - TechCrunch ran a story about Chowbotics, the company behind it, several years ago:

KC's View:

Sally may simply have been ahead of her time.  I wonder how many retailers are looking back at pitches they got a few years ago and dismissed, thinking that those ideas may in fact be ideal for the reality in which we now all find ourselves.