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Reacting to stories this week about retail bankruptcies and closures, one MNB reader wrote:

Kevin, I know I’m not the first reader to express this thought and understand my comment may stem from age but the idea of closing so many retail stores is scary. What are we moving towards? I understand the need for many people to order online during this pandemic BUT, now it’s overkill. Why do we need to destroy the foundation of our economy by living at home and never going out? You can buy a car and have it delivered to your home without ever testing driving the vehicle, or workout using The Mirror (or other programs), purchase an entire new wardrobe and on and on.

What is happening to the idea of going out to shop – for anything! No interaction with other people is not healthy. How can our economy thrive without real estate, retail shops, movie theaters, restaurants, music clubs, live theater, or even test driving a car? I find this distressing and depressing. There has to be a way to save these retailers (large and small), the jobs and our socialization! I don’t want the party to be over.

Responding to the story about the New York Times  journalist who tried to avoid using any products made by Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google for a period of time, MNB reader Joe Axford wrote:

The most telling sentence in the whole story to me was "After the experiment was over, though, I went back to using the companies’ services again, because as it demonstrated, I didn’t really have any other choice." Scary, very scary!

And, from MNB reader Frank J Loffa:

Great exchange with Scott Moses, he brings great perspective and insight in to how our industry operates and a clear vision of how to strategize for future success.

Thanks.  Scott is the best, and an invaluable resource for the retailers that work with him.