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Charged reports that "Aldi is developing its own cashierless Amazon Go rival and is on the hunt for automatic product recognition technologies," reaching out to potential technology providers and looking for "test-ready solutions."

According to the story, "It has specifically requested companies who have developed technology which will enable the automatic recognition of products, either through cameras in store, in shopping carts or via users smartphones."

These moves, Charged reports, come at the same time as the company seems to be focusing on e-commerce as a source of extended long-term growth for the company.

KC's View:

It would seem to me that the limited assortment model would be perfect for checkout free technology … though I have to wonder if the technology would create a higher price image than the likes of Aldi would want to have.

Just wondering.  I remember someone very smart telling me that while electronic shelf labels in a store are very efficient, they are the wrong move for a value-oriented store, because they communicate high prices.  I had no idea … which is why I like to hang out with people smarter than me.  (That's a really, really big group…)