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•  From Bloomberg:

"Walmart shoppers are a pretty loyal bunch. But when virus-spooked Americans began avoiding stores earlier this year and shifting spending online, far more Walmart customers went to Inc. than

"So even though Walmart, too, has thrived as an essential service amid the pandemic, Amazon is benefiting more.

"In the first week of February, for every dollar shoppers spent with the two rivals, 66 cents went to Walmart and 34 cents to Amazon, according to Facteus, which tracks credit and debit-card spending for millions of shoppers. In the first week of August, that gap narrowed to 55 cents to Walmart and 45 cents to Amazon."

•  WWLP News reports that Ahold Delhaize-owned Stop & Shop has implemented the planned shift away from its Peapod app, transitioning all account information and histories on the Peapod platform to its own.

The company's Giant division in the Washington, DC, area began the same shift late last year, as the company has moved away from the Peapod branding that it has used since acquiring the pioneering e-commerce company (it launched in 1989!) in 2001.