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•  From DC Velocity:

"Transportation and logistics provider FedEx Corp. is expanding the coverage area of its Sunday residential delivery service ahead of the holiday shipping season, saying the move would give it a 'significant weekend competitive advantage' over other carriers delivering e-commerce parcels.

"Saying it was preparing for an 'unprecedented' peak holiday shipping season, Memphis-based FedEx said its FedEx Ground year-round Sunday residential coverage will now cover nearly 95% of the U.S. population beginning September 13, up from just over 60% at present."

•  From CBS News:

"Amazon has banned foreign sales of seeds in the U.S. after Americans across the country received suspicious packages of seeds, many originating in China, earlier this summer.

"Under the online retailer's new policy, as of September 3 overseas seed vendors are prohibited from importing plant or seed products into the U.S., according to Amazon. Non-residents of the U.S. are also banned from bringing seeds into the country.

The story notes that "Americans in all 50 states have reported getting the seeds in the mail. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has advised recipients against planting them, warning that the seeds could be invasive species.  So far, however, more than a dozen of the seed types identified by the agency have turned out to be innocuous species such as mustard, cabbage and morning glory as well as herbs like mint, sage, rosemary and lavender."

This is how it starts.  And then, pretty soon, you have Invasion of the Body Snatchers, with pods everywhere and people being replaced and Kevin McCarthy running around the city saying, "They're coming…"

•  Simple Flying  reports that "Amazon Air finally outright owns a Boeing 767 aircraft. Until now, the company had been flying the widebody under leasing agreements. However, the cargo outfit received its first independent unit this month … This jet joins 36 other Boeing 767s in Amazon Air’s fleet. Additionally, the firm holds 15 737 aircraft. Altogether, these two types give the company a well-rounded offering for short, medium, and long-distance operations. Furthermore, it has aligned with other carriers to help take on services under its name."