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•  Yahoo Finance reports that Walmart "will start sharing its internal diversity stats twice a year instead of annually, in the midst of a searing national debate over equality.

"In its first-ever mid-year diversity and inclusion (D&I) report covering fiscal years 2019 through 2021 year-to-date, the company has seen a 7.42% increase in management-to-management promotions for people of color. That cohort of employees now accounts for 44.6% of those promotions this year, according to Walmart data.

"Elsewhere, the company also posted a 2.97% increase in officers of color, with 24.89% of those officer roles held by people of color. The company also saw a 2.2% increase in U.S. people of color new hires, now comprising 55.03% of new hires."

Walmart chief people officer Donna Morris says that the more frequent diversity reports are aimed at providing a more “real-time” picture of the retailer's progress.