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Bloomberg reports that Amazon "is experimenting with a new program that pays independent contractors to fetch groceries from shelves in Whole Foods stores and deliver them in their own vehicles."

The program expands on an existing Flex driver program in that rather than having Whole Foods employees picking the groceries and Flex drivers delivering them, the drivers will do the picking themselves.

If the program works, the theory goes, it will save Amazon money - Whole Foods employees get a minimum of $15 an hour plus benefits, while the Flex drivers are classified as outside contractors.

KC's View:

I think this is a mistake and an example of misplaced priorities.

If people are shopping at Whole Foods, they are buying into a level of expertise that they believe most of the store's employees have.  I don't want some driver - who I'm sure are perfectly nice people, but their expertise is not in buying groceries - choosing my groceries, especially when it comes to fresh foods.

This is dumb.  All Amazon/Whole Foods needs is for a few mistakes to happen because of contractor error, and the entire value/values proposition is imperiled.