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The Los Angeles Daily News reports that thew first Amazon Fresh supermarket, opened several weeks ago just to neighborhood invitees in Woodland Hills, California, how has been opened to the general public.

Amazon says that the store offers "consistently low prices for all, and free, same day delivery and pickup for Prime members," as well as Amazon Dash Cart technology that "enables customers to skip the checkout line," and Alexa-based features "to help customers manage their shopping lists and better navigate our aisles," providing directions to shoppers as well as meal recommendations.

The Amazon Fresh store does not, however, feature the Amazon Go checkout-free technology used in its c-store-style units in cities that include Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago and New York.

Here's how the local CBS affiliate covered the opening:

KC's Video:

Two points…

Interesting to see that Whole Foods' 365 private label is being sold in the store, which may suggest that there will be a some blurring of the two banners going forward.  Amazon has been clear that this is not a Whole Foods lookalike - no "whole paycheck" stuff here! - but it seems to be willing to use that advantage where it works.

Also … one of the things that distinguished the original Amazon Go store in Seattle was its positioning food prep at the front of the store - you could see people making the sandwiches, etc… from the street, because there were enormous windows offering a view of their work.  That may tell us something about they'll approach the segment in a store that does, after all, have the word "Fresh" in its name.