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Got the following email about the new TikTok deal that has Walmart as a part of it (with Oracle, not Microsoft):

Need I say “You were right”?….Last week when you predicted that the TikTok deal wasn’t over-til-it’s-over.  

Having worked with Doug McMillon, I know he’s not one to take “no” for an answer.  I would bet on his tenacity, creativity and negotiating skills any day.  Walmart won big on this one.  Now let’s watch Doug and team turn TikTok into the media and customer marketing juggernaut that it can be for retail and brands.

I never mind people telling me that I was right.  Doesn't happen every often, but I'll take it where I can get it.

Also regarding the TikTok deal with Oracle and Walmart, one MNB reader wrote:

Oracle’s Larry Ellison is a major Trump donor – I’m sure that had nothing to do with this last-minute deal coming together…