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Gale Sayers, the legendary and first-ballot Hall of Fame Chicago Bears running back who, as the Chicago Sun Times writes, "posted 9,435 combined net yards and 4,956 yards rushing during a Bears career that ran only from 1965 to 1971 because of a knee injury," has passed away.  He was 77, and had been suffering from dementia since 2013.

Sayers remains the youngest person ever inducted into the Hall of Fame.

KC's View:

We were just talking about Sayers the other day because Mrs. Content Guy was crying after having happened upon the 1971 version of Brian's Song, which chronicled the relationship between Sayers (played by Billy Dee Williams) and fellow player Brian Piccolo (James Caan).  It was based on Sayers' memoir, "I Am Third."

(By the way ... she said the movie doesn't hold up at all. Though that didn't stop her from crying...)