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I am excited to report that "The Chef Show," the Jon Favreau-created Netflix cooking series based on his movie, Chef, is back for what they are calling season two, volume one.  (There were three volumes in season one, for a total of 20 episodes.  This volume has five episodes, all clearly shot pre-pandemic.  Don't ask me to explain.)

The thing I like most about this series is the ongoing conversation between Favreau, who while a pretty good cook is still something of a novice, and Chef Roy Choi … it is the free and easy banter of two guys who love what they're doing - they love the cooking, but they really love the eating.  Nothing snooty about it - they're a great hang.

I've only watched one episode from the new set, which just came out yesterday - it features Favreau and Choi recreating the late night burger from Atlanta's Holeman & Finch …and I defy you to watch it without a) getting hungry, b) trying to figure out if you have the ingredients to make one right now, and c) getting even hungrier.   There's also a segment in which they make a different sort of grilled cheese sandwich, which is fitting since the act of making grilled cheese was a major plot point in Chef.

"The Chef Show" is a pure delight, especially if you love food.  And if you don't …  well, this could change your mind.

"Star Trek: Lower Decks" is halfway through its first season on CBS All Access, and I must admit that I have been won over by its cheeky, irreverent style.

A quick primer:  "Lower Decks" is an animated, with 30-minute-long episodes that focus on the people who do the grunt work on the USS Cerritos; it takes place in the year 2380, one year after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis.  The stories are recognizably Trek, but the humor is gently subversive and mocking of tropes rather than adhering to them religiously.  There are lots of name-checks of past series, episodes and characters, with Easter eggs aplenty to keep Trek fans engaged.

The nice things about "Star Trek: Lower Decks" is that it keeps the franchise's heart beating as we wait for "Star Trek: Discovery" to return  next month for its third season, and that it is made by people who love Star Trek.  And, it is fun.

I'm not normally a Chardonnay fan.  But I had one last night - the 2018 Sea Sun Chardonnay from California - the grapes are sourced from Santa Barbara, Monterey and Solano Counties - that I liked a lot, mostly because it didn't have too much oak, nor was it too buttery.  Good choice…unless, of course, you like oak and butter in your Chardonnay.

That's it for this week.  I'll see you Monday.

Have a great weekend … stay safe … be healthy.