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Fast Company has an interview with Ryan Gellert, the new CEO of Patagonia, in which he talks about his priorities.

One excerpt:

"I really like working with people and seeing them be successful, and just working to see how we can crack the code of getting more done together than individually. One of the things we’ve had some success with in Europe is really trying to create an environment where people can get involved above and beyond their role. That’s something I’m excited to expand on in this new role. Not that it doesn’t happen already, but it could never happen too much.

"I want to create an environment where people really feel like the hard work they’re putting in is worth it. They see what it’s contributing to. I want to make this company more global, and I think it’s got a tremendous opportunity to be that. Our biggest goal heading to the future is just distilling the most meaningful parts of our mission and product into the middle of the business. That’s what’s going to lead us in this next chapter, and I think far beyond that."

You can read the entire interview here.

KC's View:

At a time when so many employees are feeling beaten up by circumstances, the notion that it is critical to make them feel like all the effort is "worth it" makes a lot of sense to me.  Money is part of it, but not the only thing … people want to feel like they are contributing, like they are part of something larger than themselves.  Patagonia is a paradigm of that, and it is noteworthy that it wants to be better.