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We had a story yesterday about how California is mandating that as of 2035, no new gas-fueled cars can be sold there, as the state looks to deal with carbon emissions that it says have contributed to the wildfires there.

One MNB reader wrote:

California better ban Brown-Outs too!  Otherwise, Californians aren’t going to be able to evacuate from the fire and earthquake areas in those electric cars.

From another reader:

It is preposterous to say that the California Wildfires are being caused in part by global climate change.  California has warmed 3 degrees over the past century.  The huge fires are due to poor forest management, not global climate change.  The left say “Science is Real”, but ignore science whenever it does not fit their agenda. 

Prediction – California’s decision to go to all electric cars will lead to even more rolling blackouts in the future.  I think we all want more sustainable energy, but let’s be smart about it.  Of course, CA politicians have no brains so there you go…

From another reader:

When I read this story on 9/23/2020 about California and electric cars, ironically the following story was one about Tesla: "Tesla is currently suffering a complete network outage with internal systems being down and customer connectivity features not accessible." Car owners were unable to access their cars if they were trying to use their phones. If they had a physical key they were OK but if not no dice. Guess the roads will be less crowded for me in my gas powered Honda CRV.

Also having recently visited California, my daughter's home was the subject of a rolling electrical blackout because of wildfires. This was not the first time this has occurred and has me wondering if you cannot charge your car because of no electricity and must evacuate for one reason or another, how will that all play out?

I'm no expert, but I would guess that one of the things that the state will need to focus on during the coming 15 years will be dealing with the grid so that blackouts and brownouts can be eliminated.

I also have no problem with the notion that eliminating gas-fueled cars will be good for the environment.

But what do I know?

On another subject, from MNB reader Tom Murphy:

Running a little behind on your videos, but love the addition of all the new segments.

In watching your Innovation Conversation on Walmart, I immediately came up with a name for it, “Last Mover Disadvantage”!  Industry pundits and consultants for years have played on “first mover advantage”, but we don’t often speak of the alternative.

Like me (and undoubtedly others), you and Tom Furphy were underwhelmed by the Walmart+ offering.  You both recognized that this type of program has been around for years in other retailers (actually, Kroger was doing some of this in the late 90’s when I was there).  As a result, we were all underwhelmed, and frankly, I was embarrassed for Walmart.  In its current state, Walmart+ is much to do about nothing!  This creates a large negative market and brand impression for Walmart…laughable actually.

Now, it may turn into something special and unique, but that better happen quickly, or this will play out like an early season TV series cancellation…and no one will care!