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•  ABC News reports that "Stop & Shop employees who worked in the company's grocery stores during July and August will receive a lump sum payment for their work during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The company announced the agreement in a joint statement with the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union."

The agreement means that "about 56,000 employees will receive payments equal to 10 % of their hours worked between Jul. 5 and Aug. 22."

"UFCW and Stop & Shop are proud to announce a tentative agreement has been reached on a new premium that recognizes Stop & Shop workers for their incredible efforts. The UFCW wants to acknowledge Stop & Shop for not only recognizing its workers, but for remaining committed to work with UFCW, America’s largest food and retail union, to better the lives of these dedicated workers and their families," officials said in a statement.

•  FMI –The Food Industry Association and the Foundation for Meat and Poultry Research and Education have released "a midyear Power of Meat study and found sales of meat increased an unprecedented 34.6 percent and revealed changing consumer behaviors … The survey found that as a result of the pandemic 75% of consumers made changes in their meat purchasing behavior with at least half buying different brands (58%), cuts (51%) or types (50%) of meat. 

"Additionally, during the pandemic, consumers are now cooking more meals and need more variety (50%), cooking new recipes (37%) and experimenting with different cuts/kinds of meat (34%)."