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Good Food Holdings, the US company owned by South Korean retailer Emart that operates  a group of West Coast specialty and natural food retailers, has named Neil Stern, a senior partner at  consulting firm McMillanDoolittle, to be its new CEO.

Stern succeeds Managing Director Matt Turnbull, who is leaving the company.

The chains owned by Good Food Holdings include Southern California-based Bristol Farms and Lazy Acres, Portland, Oregon-based New Seasons Market and New Leaf Community Markets, and Seattle-based Metropolitan Market.

Stern has served on Good Food's boards for two years.

KC's View:

Good for Neil - a smart guy who always has had an eye on the future in his dealings with retailers.

Bristol Farms, New Seasons, Metropolitan Markets … These are some of my favorite retailers, and I'm happy to see that they are going to get the kind of support they need to continue to grow and expand on their core value propositions.  The interesting thing will be to see which retailer Good Food acquires next … because we all know they have a list and a checkbook, and they're not afraid to use either.