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Michael Sansolo had a column earlier this week in which he wrote about effective emails he'd received from Panera and Nordstrom.  This prompted one MNB reader to write:

I want to comment on the emails received from the two companies cited in the piece.  Emails are one thing but how about true value instead!  We started an online ordering system about 3 months ago and we decided that when a customer reached 10 orders we'd give them a coupon for free delivery as a gift for their loyalty.  And recently we decided that when we have a first time user of our system we would provide them with a swag bag of goodies to thank them for giving us a try.  While emails are fine and do signify excellent customer service, there is a different value proposition to explore, which includes real value, worth dollars, and to us that makes much more (cents).  

I think Michael would agree with all your observations.

Yesterday I wrote about how Portland, Oregon - which has had a tough year - will be the locale for the next season of Bravo's "Top Chef" … which made me happy.

MNB reader Annie Hoy wrote:

As usual, the news about "Top Chef" sucked me in and then I had to read everything. Down here in southern Oregon (Ashland) we would be very excited if the chefs could take a tour of our local bounty of stone fruit, organic farms and amazing wineries...all just a 5-30 min. drive from here.

Now that I know you love "Top Chef" and also appreciate sports, have to listened to the podcast "Pack Your Knives" hosted by NBA writers Kevin Arnovitz and Tom Haberstroh? You must listen. They are currently rewatching old seasons so we are too and after each one we tune in to the podcast. They break down the show just like it is a sporting event, which is both hilarious and insightful. Check it out!"

I will.  Thanks.

Another MNB reader wrote:

It is truly great news that Top Chef is saluting the excellent cuisine that PDX restaurants offer. The sad news is that the pandemic, the ongoing protests, and  rioting in downtown PDX, is causing people to not go to downtown restaurants. Unfortunately, we are losing several downtown restaurants, as their business has gone down the tubes, and are forced to close their doors. Sadly, two of the unintended consequences are due to the protests, because people just do not feel safe, and the pandemic does not let people be close to enjoy the great dining experiences PDX restaurants have offered their clients.

And, regarding the new robots being used by Schnuck Markets, one MNB reader wrote:

This is a great invention to help streamline out of stocks/pricing errors. How many times are sales lost out on or time spent at the register because pricing is not right. This should give more time for employees to engage with customers while stocking the shelves and more importantly always having full shelves.