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USA Today reports that a new survey from Piplsay Research suggests that 11 percent of those questioned said that they had subscribed to Walmart+, the retailer's response to Amazon Prime, just two weeks after it was launched.

According to the story, "An additional 27% of those surveyed said that they 'may go for it soon.'

"A full 47% said they hadn't heard of Walmart's membership program yet. More than a third of those surveyed (35%) said they were most excited about the unlimited free delivery, while 24% said they like the same day/one-hour delivery window. Fourteen percent of respondents were impressed by Scan & Go, the self-checkout feature, while 12% were excited about the fuel discounts."

USA Today points to one interesting surprise:  45 percent of those surveyed said they also had memberships in Amazon Prime.

KC's View:

I find it hard to believe that anyone used to Amazon Prime will find Walmart+ to be a satisfying experience, but we all have different needs.

I will tell you this.  I find it hard to believe that Walmart will be able to replicate the experience I related in my FaceTime video this morning.