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•  CNet describes the new Amazon electric-powered delivery van, built by Rivian, as looking like "the result of a wine cooler-fueled night of passion between a FedEx truck and a Sprinter van."

Got your attention now?


CNet writes:

"Amazon released a video on Thursday that showed off what is probably at least a production-like version of its planned delivery vehicle and made sure that it was packed chockablock with fake Philip Glass music and excited delivery people. Despite all that, we're pretty stoked about what we're seeing."

The van is said to be loaded with safety tech:  "Specifically, it's added tons of sensors for modern advanced driver assistance systems and a 360-degree-capable camera setup. It also strengthened the driver's door for better impact protection and added a bulkhead door to keep packages from clobbering the driver in the event of an accident."

It is, the story says, "a big part of Amazon's push to become carbon-neutral by 2040, which is cool … The vans are slated to hit the road in 2021."

Here's the video: