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Kroger yesterday announced the launching of ChefBot, which it describes as an "AI-powered Twitter recipe tool that helps users' pair the groceries in their fridge and reduce food waste by providing mealtime inspiration and personalized recommendations."

The process of using ChefBot is simple:  The customer takes a picture of three ingredients that he or she has on hand, either in the larder or refrigerator.  The person then tweets the photo to @KrogerChefbot, where artificial intelligence "identifies ingredients and then scans thousands of unique recipes" on Kroger's website.  Within seconds, the company says, "Chefbot responds to the user's original tweet to deliver a list of personalized recipe recommendations based on the selected ingredients."

"Last year, we launched Kroger's Fresh for Everyone brand transformation campaign to underscore our commitment and belief that everyone should have access to fresh, affordable and delicious food," said Mandy Rassi, Kroger's vice president of marketing, in a prepared statement. "Chefbot is one of the ways we're delivering on that brand promise by making it even easier for our customers to achieve their meal aspirations, especially as the majority of shoppers are eating meals prepared at home multiple times a day during the pandemic."

ChefBot was developed in partnership with integrated creative and media agency 360i, and technology partners Coffee Labs and Clarifai.

KC's View:

Love this … not only does it seem technologically cool, but it also sounds like fun.

I think Kroger ought to turn this into a contest or game - what are the three weirdest or least compatible ingredients that people put into the system?  It could become a phenomenon … and would get a lot of positive publicity.