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The National Retail Federation (NRF) Foundation yesterday began offering programs designed to help retail employees enforce rules that create a workplace that is as safe as possible in an age of pandemic.

The programs consist of "two new credentials in its RISE Up program in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The credentials focus on Retail Operations and Customer Conflict Prevention."

According to the announcement, "The NRF Foundation partnered with the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI), a global leader in verbal de-escalation trainings, to create the COVID-19 Customer Conflict Prevention credential. Developed specifically for customer-facing retail workers and job seekers, the program focuses on how to help avoid and de-escalate conflict. This training is specific to retail’s unique challenges, including mask requirements for customers, customer-to-customer conflicts and line management. It will help equip employees with the skills they need to better manage and resolve customer conflicts, especially during the busy holiday season."

KC's View:

Wouldn't it be nice if we lived in a world where retail employees did not have to worry about such things?  I'm not talking about a world without pandemic (though that would be nice, too), but rather a world in which people take seriously their responsibilities to each other, in which people understand that wearing a mask is not an act of capitulation but rather an act of patriotism and basic humanity.

To be fair, NRF's commentary about the new offerings is not as cynical as mine; it says that while there is no data about in-store confrontations, it believe sit is responding to consumers' desire for clarity about rules and enforcement from retailers.