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The New York Times reports that "workers at Amazon are calling on groups around the country to help shut down Amazon warehouses temporarily on Halloween if the company does not give all its employees a paid day off to vote.

"The move is an escalation of the internal pressure being put on executives at the company, the country’s second-largest private employer.

"In the past week, more than 6,500 Amazon corporate and tech workers have supported a proposal for all workers to get a paid day off to vote … The organizing is led by Amazon Employees for Climate Justice, which has also mobilized thousands of corporate employees over the past year and a half to push the company to address its climate impact."

KC's View:

I'm sure there are complexities and nuances here I am not seeing, but this doesn't seem like a hard one.  After all, depending on what state we are talking about, Amazon doesn't have to give everyone the same day off.  At this point, close to 50 million people have already engaged in early voting in this country, in what seems to be the precursor to record levels of participation this year.