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Fox Business reports that "Amazon is planning to double the number of Black leaders in its senior ranks as the company ends the year and heads into 2021," and that the company intends to implement the initiative via "robust programs such as its $700 million commitment to 'upskilling' -- the process of teaching employees new skills that will aid them in their work.

"There will also be smaller pilots such as the Black Employee Network Executive Leadership Development Program, which includes targeted and specialized training to build Black leaders at the Director and above level."

An Amazon spokesperson tells Fox Business, "We are setting aggressive goals in our ongoing effort to be a top employer for Black employees," which includes "working to double the representation of Black Vice Presidents and Directors in 2020 and again in 2021" and making "increased investments and programming designed to grow Black leaders from within."

The story says that "as of the end of last year, over 80% of Amazon's managerial roles around the world were held by either white or Asian people, while Black people accounted for just 8.3% of those positions, according to company data. Overall, Black employees made up roughly 26.5% of Amazon's entire workforce in 2019."

KC's View:

There's no question that lack of diversity is an enormous problem for companies that do not address it … and there's no excuse for not doing so.  Ignoring the issue does not just put a company at a competitive disadvantage, but also at risk for being painted as a company out of touch with 21st century realities and priorities.