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•  From the "sometimes you can teach a new dog old tricks" file…

Variety reports that Netflix is getting into the business of linear programming, moving for the first time away from its streaming model.

The test will take place in France.  "Named Direct, the linear channel — which is only available to subscribers — will air French, international and U.S. feature films and TV series that are available on the streaming service. However, the channel will only be accessible via the service’s web browser, unlike its streaming service, which is found on set-top boxes thanks to distribution deals with French telco groups such as Orange, Canal Plus and SFR.

"The initiative marks Netflix’s first foray into real-time, scheduled programming."

I have no idea why this makes sense, to be honest, unless it is seen as a way of accessing advertising dollars that will bolster Netflix's bottom line.

•  The Wall Street Journal reports that "a California judge has dismissed a defamation lawsuit against Jeff Bezos that his girlfriend’s brother, Michael Sanchez, had filed over accusations revolving around leaked graphic photos of the Inc. founder.

"Judge John P. Doyle, of Los Angeles County Superior Court, on Thursday said Mr. Sanchez’s allegations relied on hearsay—what he had heard from reporters—and didn’t count as admissible evidence. The judge threw out Mr. Sanchez’s defamation claim and a claim for intentional infliction of emotional distress.

"The allegations in the lawsuit revolved around a January 2019 article in the National Enquirer that made public an affair between Lauren Sanchez—Mr. Sanchez’s sister—and Mr. Bezos, who were both married at the time. Mr. Bezos and Ms. Sanchez remain in a relationship."