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Got the following email from an MNB reader on Friday:

As I sat here reading your article on Amazon in garage delivery  I heard footsteps on my back deck and it was the Amazon Van delivery driver. I said you did not have to come all the way around the back and he stated, I don’t like to leave packages on the front porch this time of year.  Not sure if that is the direction they are giving the drivers or if that was on his own initiative. Nice touch, although come the holidays those extra steps are going to add up and not to mention to occasional unleashed dog.

On another subject, from an MNB reader:

Thank you for sharing the SuperValu Christmas Ad – when it got to the end, tears welled up in my eyes.  This year will be the first in 22 years that my kids won’t be seeing their grandfather at Christmas.  Very poignant and relevant.

I suspect there will be a lot of them this year, and I encourage MNB readers to tell me about them so I can post them here.

And finally, MNB reader Brian Holmes sent me an email about our exploding whale story that referenced a sitcom moment that also came to my mind when I was writing the story:

“As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.”


The show was "WKRP in Cincinnati," and the episode aired in 1978.  While the series itself was rather forgettable, the episode was hysterical and featured one of the funniest lines ever uttered on TV: