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Amazon Prime Video currently is featuring the video version of a Broadway show entitled "What The Constitution Means To Me," written and performed by Heidi Shreck.  I'd heard a little bit about this show, but hadn't paid much attention … but when it popped up as I was scrolling around the other night, I thought I'd give it a shot.

Great decision.  "Constitution" starts from a real place.  Shreck, when she was a teenager, won a series of American Legion contests - enough to pay for her college tuition - in which she talked about the meaning of the US Constitution.  She isn't a teenager anymore, though, and she used her own personal history as a starting point in which to offer a highly personal and revealing perspective on what the Constitution does well and what it does not do, sometimes inadvertently and sometimes deliberately.

"Constitution" can be very funny and very sad, sometimes almost at the same time, and it has an excellent way of illustrating big issues in a granular and impactful way.  And it ends the way Shreck's story began - with an actual debate about whether the US needs a new Constitution.

However you might answer that question, 'What The Constitution Means To Me" is highly provocative - enough so that it cannot help but make think about the US Constitution in a whole new light.

The timing is pretty good, too.

I have a confession to make.  I like old-fashioned network television police procedurals.  They tend to be formulaic and don't often surprise, but an episode of a show like "NCIS" or "Castle" or "Stumptown" or "The Rookie" can be the TV version of comfort food.

Last night, "NCIS" returned for the new season, and I must admit that I found it enormously comforting.  The mystery had nothing to do with the pandemic, nobody was wearing masks, and it was a reminder, however temporary, of a less complicated time.  It was a comforting hour, and I'll be back next week.  For sure.

One of my favorite styles of wine is Chiaretto - this Italian rose seems to work really well with pastas and seafoods, but it is hard to find here in Connecticut.  So it was lovely to have a new one - the Zeni 2018 Classico Vigne Alte, which has just a bit more punch than some versions, as is a deal at less than $15.

I also tried the 2018 Rotation Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon from California, which is just rich enough to go with the beef stew I made.

All good.