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by Kevin Coupe

Nothing like a powerful brand.

In-N-Out, the iconic burger chain, opened its first restaurants in Colorado on Friday … and the result was, at one point, a two-mile-long line and a 14 hour wait.  (That's according to the Aurora, Colorado, police department.)

Until now, In-N-Out only operated in  California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Texas, and Oregon.

I saw a picture of the line over the weekend, and until I read the caption, thought it was the line of people waiting for Covid-19 testing at Dodger Stadium.

I was wrong.

I love In-N-Out, but I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't wait 14 hours for a Double-Double, Animal-style.

But this certainly illustrates the Eye-Opening power of a promise … which, at the end of the day, is all a brand really is.  It has to deliver on the promise, but at its core, a great brand is a great idea.