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I suggested yesterday that the government ought to talk to Amazon and Jeff Bezos about vaccine distribution, prompting one MNB reader to write:

In the wake of airlines losing millions of dollars, United Airlines has been awarded some of the dispersal funding to help in the distribution of vaccines. Great use of unused planes and pilots.

Why would you advocate for Amazon, who isn't losing millions to get a piece of the action? Unless of course you are advocating for their management help in handling such a large project?

It was a suggestion that had everything to do with logistics - Amazon seems to be as good as anyone at getting things where they need to be faster than seems possible.

Regarding a food conversation that took place here yesterday, MNB reader Craig Espelien wrote:

Kevin - per a few chefs I know, your guidance on how to put rub on a tenderloin may have a couple of things reversed.

You suggest putting oil on first and the n the rub. It should actually rub and then oil (at room temp of course). When the meat hits the grill, the pores open - if you do as you suggest, the oil fills the pores first preventing the rub from getting deeper into the meat. I was taught that with rub first, when the pores open up, the oil added after helps get the flavors deeper into whatever you are cooking.

That is what multiple chefs have advised me to do.

I am but a humble student … I am happy to learn from anyone willing to teach me.

Thanks for the advice.

Finally, I wrote yesterday that "the sports person of the weekend has to be Sarah Fuller,  the starting goalkeeper for Vanderbilt’s women’s soccer team, who found herself on Saturday kicking off for Vanderbilt's men's football team ."

Prompting one MNB reader to write:

It seems strange you failed to mention that kickoff went all the way to the 35-yard-line.

The story was that she played … not the specifics of the one kick Fuller got to make.

The tenor of your remark suggests that you are not impressed with Fuller's effort.

Which is fine.  You are entitled.  (Which, as I write it, seems to have a double meaning, which also is fine.)

But for the record, Fuller's kick reportedly was exactly what her coach, Derek Mason, told her to do.

Now, you can debate the wisdom of the order all you wish.  And since Mason, who coached Vanderbilt to an 0-8 record so far this season, was fired after the game, that seems like a debate worth having.

I still admire Fuller.  She did something special.  She set a terrific example.  She promoted the "Play Like A Girl" movement.  And she kicked the ball a helluva lot further and more accurately than I could.

Good for her.