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Walmart yesterday announced more than $700 million in additional cash bonuses to its U.S. based associates.

In a memo to employees, John Furner, president-CEO of Walmart U.S. and Kath McLay, president-CEO of  Sam’s Club, wrote that "all U.S.-based hourly associates will receive another special cash bonus toward the end of this month – $300 for full-time hourly associates, and $150 for part-time and temporary hourly associates. Some additional roles will receive a bonus as well. This bonus will be added to the Dec. 24 paychecks of approximately 1.5 million associates who work in our stores, clubs and supply chain – as well as Home Office hourly associates – who are employed as of Dec. 4. These special bonuses are in addition to the regular quarterly bonuses that were paid in the Nov. 25 paychecks."

The two executives wrote that "we’re filled with gratitude for how you’ve led through one of the most trying periods for our company and our country. It’s difficult to express our appreciation for all you’ve done – the words thank you simply don’t match the magnitude of what you’ve accomplished. So many of you have stepped up, selflessly serving our customers, members and each other when it was needed most."

KC's View:

There are lots of ways to make employees feel essential, which is particularly important right now as the pandemic continues to rage.   A continued bonus program is one pretty good approach.