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Axios reports that "Amazon-backed Zoox unveiled on Monday its version of the future of transportation: an autonomous electric vehicle with no steering wheel that might one day be summoned with a ride-hailing app … : It's an important milestone for Zoox, which has ambitious plans to launch an urban robotaxi service using purpose-built vehicles designed and built in-house. Those efforts received a boost in June when Amazon acquired the six-year-old startup for a reported $1.2 billion."

Some details about the vehicle:  "At 12 feet long, the compact vehicle features carriage-style seating, with up to four passengers facing each other on two benches.

"It can travel in either direction, with motors at each end and four-wheel steering to enable maneuvering in tight spaces.  The 133 kWh battery is among the largest in the industry, capable of operating 16 hours between charges.

"For safety, it features innovative airbags that envelope passengers to keep them separated in a crash."

Zoox L5 Fully Autonomous, All-electric Robotaxi at Coit Tower San Francsico
Zoox L5 Fully Autonomous, All-electric Robotaxi Interior
Zoox Fully Autonomous, All-electric Robotaxi

KC's View:

Just a stopgap measure for Amazon while its folks in a hidden Seattle laboratory develop a real-life version of the Star Trek transporter.  Trust me on this.