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CNBC had an interview with Costco CEO Craig Jelinek, in which he said that "the company’s physical stores will remain critical going forward, even though the wholesale retailer saw a surge in e-commerce sales during the coronavirus pandemic … Costco had developed a reputation for its in-person shopping experience before the pandemic, with cheap items at its food court such as the hot-dog-and-soda combo for $1.50. But many Costco members have turned to its website this year, leading to strong online sales growth that many of its competitors also experienced."

“Our overall online business will continue to grow. Will we get tricky? No, we won’t,” Jelinek said.  “We’ll just continue to bring value on high-end goods and quality merchandise, and deliver either through the warehouses, brick-and-mortar, or through e-commerce.” 

Jelinek said that Costco would continue to invest in the online channel:  "In March, for example, Costco made a $1 billion acquisition of Innovel Solutions, which provides last-mile delivery services. It had been owned by the company that operates Sears and Kmart stores."

"“We see a big opportunity to build our last-mile business in big ticket items, bulk items," Jelinek said.