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Fox Business reports that Google has been hit with two more lawsuits, this time from "several private publishers" challenging the company over its "advertising and search practices."

According to the story, "Sweepstakes Today is one of four companies that filed two private lawsuits … against Google, alleging that the tech giant has violated the Sherman Act by displaying monopolistic behavior through its digital ad sales."

And, "In another private lawsuit, Genius Media Group, The Nation and The Progressive also accuse Google of violating the Sherman Act by quashing competitors while it rakes in hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue from its digital ad sales."

These suits are in addition to separate antitrust complaints filed last week against Google by dozens of state Attorneys General and the Us Department of Justice.

Fox Business notes that "Google makes up 90% of all Internet searches in the U.S.; by comparison, no other competitor, such as Bing, makes up more than 7% of U.S. Internet searches … and its ad revenue has grown 300% within the last decade."

Google has made the point that its defense will hinge on the premise that the way it has designed its search engine is to the benefit, not the detriment, of consumers' interests.

KC's View:

I have no idea how this all will shake out, but I do know two things.

First, it seems inevitable that Google - along with the other big tech companies - is going to be facing increased and very public scrutiny over practices that have been in place for quite some time.  The bottom line is likely to be that our culture is going to have to reckon with the question of what is good for consumers and what is bad for consumers … and the degree to which we are willing to allow behemoth corporations make those decisions for us.

Second, it is a pretty good bet that whatever law firms serve as outside counsel to Google (and Amazon, Apple and Facebook) are going to have a robust 2021.