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The Wall Street Journal has a piece that goes inside the Amazon machine, starting with the following observations:

"Jeff Bezos built Inc. from his garage with an underdog’s ambition to take on the establishment. He imbued staff with an obsession to grow fast by grabbing customers using the biggest selection and lowest prices. Today, he has more than 1.1 million employees and a market valuation around $1.6 trillion.

"But Amazon never really grew up. Mr. Bezos still runs it with the drive of a startup trying to survive.

"That ethos helps keep Amazon booming. Aggressive competition - including wresting market share from rivals - is often a hallmark of a successful business. It’s also why the tech-and-retail giant is the target of rivals, regulators and politicians who say its tactics are unfair for a company its size, and potentially illegal … Some rivals and partners say Amazon’s competitive zeal looks like unfair practices."

You can and should read the piece here.

KC's View:

I tend to be a little more forgiving on the issues brought up by the Journal, if only because much of what Amazon does is similar to what many retailers do.  Amazon does it bigger and better because it is bigger and wants to be better.  But that doesn't mean these challenges are going to go away, and Amazon is probably going to lose a few rounds.  But not all the rounds … and the betting here is that Amazon still be standing in the end.